SipCaddy® Suction Cup Disc Adhesive Suction Cup Mount - Beer & Wine Cup Holder Anywhere!


$ 2.99


Have a drink anywhere with this adhesive suction cup mount for your SipCaddy! Get creative!

High quality, non-porous ABS plastic with a convex shape to better secure suction cups.

Strong 3M adhesive easy peel backing.

Place your suction disc anywhere- the side of a hot tub, grill, car dash, brick, concrete, rough stone and plastic, or any other porous surface a suction cup normally won't stick. Use your SipCaddy anywhere!

Warning: Treat as a permanent solution. Loses adhesive when relocated. Although the wall paint we tested was completely undamaged, do not use on any surface the might peel. Adhesive remover might be necessary to easily remove residue.

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