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Have a sip in the shower! Have a sip in the bath!

SipCaddy® is fully patented with the USPTO. The original, first, and only portable cupholder that also holds wine glasses.


• Attach it to nearly any smooth surface to conveniently hold beer cans, bottles, cups, and many other household items. A favorite in the bath and shower! 

•SipCaddy is made of strong, durable, recyclable ABS plastic, cleans easily and is dishwasher safe.

•SipCaddy includes the highest quality suction cup available, American made, and rated to hold 7 lbs when applied correctly to most glossy, nonporous surfaces, including plastic, ceramic, metal, glass and mirror. 

•SipCaddy was designed and developed by a small team of drinking enthusiasts, architects, and designers, led by two brothers. The designs were extensively prototyped using 3D printing, which allowed us to test and fine tune SipCaddy to hold the widest range of drinks possible, with the most efficient use of material and a clean look.

*Not intended for use with glass vessels. Always test the suction cup application before use, and use SipCaddy responsibly.
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