Suction Cup for SipCaddy Wine & Beer Holder (Replacement) - American-made, rated at 7lbs


$ 2.99


We have literally never had a single person ask us for another suction cup. SipCaddy uses the highest quality, American-made suction cup you can get- rated at 7 lbs and flawlessly made (not true of foreign-made suction cups). They will last for the life of the product in nearly all cases.


However, some people might want a fresh, new suction cup. Or even to have the suction cup secured in multiple locations and you can just detach and reattach the body instead.


Rated to hold 7 pounds. Thicker cross sections to hold longer and stronger.

Superior US sourced materials and manufacturing.

UV-Stablized to resist yellowing and fading

High clarity PVC phthalate-free material for a clean, professional look

2.3"  - Mushroom head

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