Color Changing Tranquility SPA LIGHT for Bath & Shower- Portable - Float or Suction Cup - Relaxing Bathtub


$ 9.99


This color changing spa light takes your bath game to the next level. Simply press the button and let your spa light smoothly shift across the color spectrum from white, red, green, to blue. 

Let them float, sit on the ledge, or attach them to your smooth surface using the double sided suction cup. While they are mostly waterproof, constant submergence over a long period is not recommended. They work well placed on the side of your bathtub, or simply floated on the water surface.

Lasts over 125 hours!

Dimensions 3" x 3" x1.5"

Sold individually, with 2 AAA batteries already installed (except international shipments, where batteries aren't permitted). Handle with care when installing batteries.

$9.99 each includes free shipping to the United States.

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